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  • Graduated from the University of Tokyo's College of Liberal Arts

  • Started career in the financial industry in Tokyo

  • Moved to the United States as a family member of an expatriate

  • Transitioned into a career as a writer and editor at a newspaper company in New York

  • Pursued a master's in Counseling Psychology at Columbia University

  • Worked at NYC Counseling, a Manhattan-based mental health clinic, post-graduation

  • Established New York Mental Health Counseling, PLLC

  • Founded Singapore Mental Health Counseling PTE. LTD.


New York State Certified Mental Health Counselor

​License number: 0011579

New York Mental Health Cou
nseling, PLLC.
Singapore Mental Health Counseling PTE. LTD.


Are you feeling lonely or isolated? Depressed or anxious? 

Struggling with unfulfilling relationships or a stressful career? 

Are you facing the challenges of living in a foreign country as an expatriate or part of an expatriate family?


I am eager to help you resolve these issues so that you can start living your best life. Through working together to understand why you think, feel, and behave the way you do, we will increase your self-awareness. Empowered by unexpected insights, you will learn to more effectively handle stressors, navigate relationship issues, improve self-esteem, and to realize your ideal self. My greater goal is to help you attain long lasting change, and a more peaceful and passionate life.


With extensive firsthand experience in Japan, the U.S., and Singapore, I've refined my therapeutic skills to serve diverse clients. Originally from Japan, I pursued Counseling Psychology at Columbia University in New York City, where I established my private practice. After a decade in New York, I relocated to Singapore as an expatriate partner, where I continue to practice. These experiences provide valuable insights into working with clients from varied cultural backgrounds. As an expatriate and mother, I intimately understand the unique challenges of parenting while living in a foreign country, encompassing both the multicultural aspects and the broader challenges of navigating life in an unfamiliar environment.


Prior to my career in counseling, I worked in the financial industry in Tokyo and the publishing industry in New York, affording me a comprehensive understanding of the stresses inherent in corporate life.


I tailor each treatment plan to align with your unique goals, progressing at a pace that respects your sensitive psyche. My practice covers a wide range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, OCD, grief, eating disorders, interpersonal challenges, marital difficulties, self-doubt, life transitions, and acculturation. Services are available in English or Japanese.

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